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Boundary I-Media produces a number of buyer's guide websites and print directories for a wide range of clients, including small owner-driven companies to large global media players. We operate across a wide range of B2B markets, from timber to fertilizers, fast moving consumer goods to the wine and spirit industries.

We excel when we take care of the whole process from product design right through to the finished website or printed directory. See the feature panels below for further details about our range of cohesive services.

Our package includes all of these services


Data production

Over the years, we've organically developed systems, processes and technologies to provide clients with a unique data publishing "engine". This ensures the most efficient and cohesive approach through all elements of the cycle, from initial data capture to content validation, from website design to roll-out and maintenance. And when required, we can offer an inclusive route to directory typesetting and print.


Product development

We see each new project as an exciting opportunity to work with clients, blending our data publishing experience with their market knowledge. The result is a solid and cohesive plan, which identifies the optimum way to provide a client's market with quality buyer's guide products.

This approach means we can demonstrate a strong track record in developing client product, and essentially profit growth. It has been particularly successful in the migration of traditional print products to online - both replacement and complimentary.


Business listing revenue

Core to our business is the ability to generate client revenue, by developing and offering a whole range of entry enhancement options, such as links, brochure downloads and videos. Of course, we continue to sell more traditional advertising, but essentially it's all about being creative to get companies to enhance their basic listings, build product income and so drive profit growth.


Display advertising revenue

Display advertising options are available throughout the buyer's guide websites and print publications. Our website advertising ranges from leaderboard banners, MPU's and small classified adverts. Advertisers can select specific pages, like the home page for example, or category listing pages.

Our clients


We work on the following publications for Agile Media:


We work on the following publications for BCInsight Ltd:


We work on the following publications for Hemming Group:


We work on the following publications for Progressive Media International:


We work on the following publications for William Reed Business Media:


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